Composite Porch Doors: Adding Personalization to Your Project

You may be disappointed by the blandness of your plans if you are building a patio, deck, or balcony with a contractor. Many homeowners will build exactly what they see in a catalog or an exact replica of their neighbors’ backyard. Some homeowners want something more original and may get frustrated when plans seem too similar. 

The composite entry door is not going to take you into an entirely new area of construction. However, it might open up the possibility for some unique ideas. These are some ways to add more customization to your project.

composite porch doors

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Mixing and matching

You don't have to use the same type of composite porch door for your entire building. Let's stop tunnel vision. There are two limitations to this: You must ensure that you comply with building codes and that the structure is safe. The sky is the limit beyond that. You can combine wood-colored posts with black caps. You may not like every combination, but it is possible to create beautiful combinations.

Play with Patterns

A composite porch door offers a lot more customization than vinyl. It doesn't have predrilled holes like vinyl. You have a lot more freedom to create your own picket patterns. You won't believe what you read about the need to space pickets evenly. 

While you need to ensure that the rails are supported, it is okay to have some fun. These patterns are the basis of some of the most innovative designs in the industry. It doesn't matter if the pattern isn't consistent internally, it should still look cohesive when it's finished.

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