The Importance of Drain Cleaning and How it Affects Your Home?

Water drain lines are found inside every home. They carry grey water and sewage from our homes. To keep your home healthy, you must clean out the drains. Many people neglect their drains until it becomes a problem. The problem is that the bacteria-laden water may have soaked your floors or walls and caused further damage.

Property maintenance is an excellent way to prevent unexpected home repairs and maintain your home's health. Your home's pipes carry water from the home through your yard to the septic system or city sewer connection. These lines must be kept clean and drains should flow smoothly. Call a drainage cleaning professional immediately if you notice slow draining. 

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The specialist will use the right tools and chemicals to maintain your drains clean, without damaging pipes or fittings. Even a small sink blockage can lead to serious flooding that can cause damage to drywall. This flooding is not usually covered by homeowners insurance. A professional plumber can quickly unclog drains and fix any plumbing problems.

Prevention is even better. Regular drain cleaning can prevent drains from clogging, breeding bacteria and flooding homes. Professionals should clean the drains of your bathtub, sink, and shower once a year to ensure maximum prevention. Clogs can occur in more than just the drains that are connected to your plumbing fixtures. 

The lines connecting to the plumbing fixtures run under the house and out into the backyard. Tree roots can block these lines, leading to sewage backing up into your home through the floor drains on the lower level. This is especially true for older neighborhoods with more established root systems. 

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