What Are The Causes Of Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is primarily a gynecological disorder in which endometrial cells are inserted into the outside of the endometrium. This means that the endometrial tissue will grow inside the urinary cavity. 

It could be because the uterine lining does not connect to the fallopian tube via the pelvic cavity, causing endometrial cells can develop through the fallopian tubes to the pelvic ectopic area. You can also search online to learn more about the causes of endometriosis.

What is the source of pain for endometriosis?

The cause of pain in endometriosis is the site of the lesions. If endometriosis is present the most common symptom for affected patients will be dysmenorrhea. If dysmenorrhea develops patients may feel lower abdominal pain. The stimulation of nodules that are ectopic causes this type of discomfort. 

Endometriosis, even after postpartum can be implanted on the side of the cut, meaning that each month when the menstrual cycle begins and the menstrual cycle is present the area will be in pain.

If the chocolate is placed within the ovary, chocolate cysts will appear and form in the vicinity of the ovary. It can cause pelvic pain that can be felt on both sides. Then the ectopic foci may be moved to different places.

Endometriosis that causes lower abdominal pain can be a source of pain that radiates to your sacral area. The moment menstrual symptoms get worse, during the menstrual cycle lower abdominal pain could be a problem in people's daily lives.

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