Under-Floor Surfaces For Natural Stone Carpets

Natural stone carpets are specially intended for application to almost any kind of stationary under-floor.  This should, nevertheless, be sterile and free of dust.  

Any previous adhesives must first be eliminated.  The ground temperature should be 12NC. You can also do balcony renovation with stone carpet (which is also called ‘ Balkonsanierung mit Steinteppich ’ in German).

Putting this kind of flooring onto a concrete or cement-bonded flooring is generally no problem for trained employees provided the flooring is all up to the high-quality standard required.  Which means it has to be free of processors.  

To protect against any contraction/expansion of this under-floor it's suggested the incorporation of psychologist netting, 6-150mm diameter at the sand/cement coating.  

You can normally arrange this beforehand with the builder. Where sand/cement flooring is already set up, a flexible membrane may be utilized to compensate for almost any contraction at the under-floor and stop cracking.  

The under-floor will probably be hardened and dried following 28 days to the Natural Stone Carpet to be laid back.  

Based upon the under-floor, the primer can be implemented and the carpeting placed in a couple of days.

Tiles and flagged flooring must not ordinarily be eliminated. Loose joints or tiles should nevertheless be eliminated.  

On the very first day of placing, a distinctive tile primer has to be implemented to guarantee maximum adhesion.  

Remember that tiled and flagged flooring always needs another amount of this pure substance. These flooring always has to be sanded ahead.

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