If you are new to owning pet reptiles, there are some basic care and wellness tips you need to know. A proper understanding of habitats, environmental needs, and handling will help you enjoy your new pet and start a healthy and happy relationship.

Temperature and humidity are two more factors that need to be considered. If you have a lizard that lives in the desert, like the bearded python, they will need adequate heat sources and not much worry about humidity. As long as the large reptile enclosure cage is kept over 80 degrees with an area to warm themselves, they are quite happy. 

If you have a python from the example above, they will need a pot cage and a heating area, but they will also need a sufficient amount of moisture to remain healthy. These animals come from two different environments and need to be set up to mimic their habitats as best as possible.

The heat and humidity in a reptile enclosure can be achieved by adding a few accessories. Most reptile stores have heating pads, rocks, and lamps that you can put in your cage. There are also plenty of humidifiers made specifically for reptile cages.

Handling of reptiles can vary by breed. It is always best to get used to being handled by humans when they are young to avoid any problems or problems when they are older and the wrong way to bite can cause a lot of damage.

Lizards can be quite docile and easy to catch, although, like humans, a lot depends on the individual temperament of the individual. Reptiles are not known to be of hot and cuddly pets, although their owner has a love for them and enjoys being handled regularly.

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