Reasons That Your Office Needs a Renovation

Every business faces the daunting question: Should we move or renovate? Renovations are costly and time-consuming. However, a modern office can increase worker productivity and morale as well as brand awareness, which will translate into higher profits. A survey found that 90% of top managers believed that modern office renovation has positive effects on worker productivity.

Your potential clients make an assessment about your business from the moment they walk in your doors. Your employees and potential employees also make assessments about what they would like to work for your company. Your office environment will reflect your care for clients and employees. 

Too many people, not enough desks

Your business has grown. There is nothing better than having new employees working for your business. Now, where are you going to put them all? The lack of space is striking and you need to rethink your layout. Consult with a professional to help you design your office. Many designers who are experts in office space planning can offer creative solutions to space management issues.

They understand the psychological effects space has on employees and clients. Do all your employees need to work together? The designer can transform the spaces in the assigned cubicles into hoteling or touchdown spaces, where employees can work as they need.

You are using outdated technology, lighting, and furnishings

If you haven't purchased new desks and chairs in the last decade, you are missing out on some of the latest and greatest developments in ergonomics, not to mention your clients will wonder if you are cutting edge enough for them. workplace injury costs can include lost wages, medical bills, insurance administrative costs, and the cost to other employees who have to pick up the slack.

Investing in new furnishings is well worth the time and money spent. Today's office furnishings accommodate the many different work styles of your employees. Desks can be raised for standing work and lowered for sitting at a computer. Many designers and other creatives prefer to draw standing. At the very least, adjustable and ergonomic office chairs are the norm.


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