Opt To Different Kind Of Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are available with a longer life compared to ceramics. Although ceramic can be used on the floor, it is preferred by most of the people today because of its durability.

Standard body and color

In the manufacture of porcelain tiles, the clay is first mixed and then pressed to create a texture especially the surface.

This results in a 2D design without details. But all this looks attractive and the price is also affordable. You can also get Porcelain Tiles at Linum Ceramic online.

Because of this, sometimes people prefer these tiles even though they are expensive. In addition, they have high wear resistance, making them the preferred choice in residential and commercial areas.

Repeated loading

In this process, the raw material is pressed and the porcelain tile contains a double layer. About twenty-five percent of the thickness is due to the material used, and the remaining seventy-five percent comes from various stains.

However, this type of porcelain tile comes in a limited color range and doesn't have much glaze in it.

Pressed twice

In the first print, various colored minerals are compacted using innovative technology. With a second emphasis, the glaze and body create a 3D look along with an uncompressed décor.

This type of tile is in great demand which means that the price is also high.

Hence, these are some of the types of porcelain tiles that you need to know when installing them.

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