Get Rid of Pests by Following these Tips

Brisbane pest control


Examples of pests include bed bugs, rodents, termites, cockroaches and more. Pests are often found living inside our homes and other structures. Due to their presence, it is important to remove them as early as possible. In order to get rid of these invading pests, professionals are hired to do the job. However, certain homeowners prefer to get them removed by following DIY methods. If you too happen to get rid of the pests by using the DIY method, then consider these steps.

  1. Use Traps and Baits – One of the biggest factors that attracts pests is food. You may want to use traps and baits to catch pests like ants, cockroaches, mice and rats. However, traps and baits are different for catching these pests. For instance; mice can be caught by using cages or glue boards. The same glue board will not work to catch other pests. Finally, make sure to use the traps and baits by following the safety instructions.
  2. Use Insecticides and Chemicals – Over the counter chemicals and insecticides are easily available. These usually come in the spray bottles requiring you to spray on the suspected area of pest presence. Again, it is vital to keep them away from children and also read the safety manual before using.
  3. Use Indoor Plants – Few indoor plants act as repellents against certain bugs and insects in order to keep them away from entering our home. Consider using indoor plants like lavender, oregano and citronella grass for acting as repellents.

With these tips you will be able to do pest control in Brisbane for your home.

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