Dealing With First Menstruation

Teenage girls were once little girls. They were carefree, believing that the world is only a place for enjoyment and play. Most of these little girls are oblivious to society's definition of being a proper lady.

We all know what a proper lady is, clean and proud with good manners. So, these girls, as the years pass by, grow up and journey to the road of adolescence.

This is where puberty for girls happens, the age where they experience and start embracing their gender. They are now becoming conscious of their bodies and the way they deal with other people, especially the opposite gender.

Now, part of this stage is when girls deal with menstruation or the monthly period. Unfortunately, when we say menstruation, it is inevitable to experience having period stains. You can also buy the best cotton sanitary napkins  for your period days online.

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Panties are not enough to prevent such period stains. The first time was somewhat of a shocking experience. There are some who anticipate this but not all girls get the hang of this.

Luckily, there are some who get a little bit of side info on what to expect when they have their first menstruation.

When they see their girlfriends having their first monthly period, they would also tend to check their panties if they have it. So, what are these "little bit of side info" thing?

First, girls must check their panties when they notice a sudden flow which is unlikely from the usual urinating process; most of the time, this goes along with some abdominal cramps.

Second, when they see a stain on their panties, they must not panic and then ask for a sanitary napkin or any clothing that would prevent such stains from coming out that would stain their pants or skirts.

Even so, period stains are inevitable as they would just come out without a warning unlike urinating or peeing. As you can see, you will know when you pee because you would feel your bladders are bursting.

Then what should girls do about it? A majority uses commercial sanitary napkins. But there are some that use the old fashion way where you use white clothing that will serve as your napkin. Now, the downside of this method is that period stains are still possible.

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