Clever Design Tips For Eye-Catching Business Cards In Dublin

The business card still has its place, even in the digital age. But it needs to work a little harder to be truly eye-catching in our technicolor world.

Why Does Business Card Design Matter?

Many companies, big and small, tend to have the same bland business card design. A logo, name, and phone number- may be a stock image if you're lucky. These are all, obviously, the point of a business card but we are living in a very visual time, and people want to see new, innovative designs.

Boring business cards don't sell anymore, they're basically pointless. You'll be happy to know that it doesn't really take too much effort to make a card that people want to look at. All you need is a good idea and the resources to make it happen. You can even get help from the experts for the printing of business cards in Dublin.

1- Bleeds

You may hear our design team talk about ‘bleeds’. This is a printing term for when the print is purposefully set to go off the edge of the paper. On a normal-sized business card, the designers and printers prefer you to keep within a design area that is smaller than the actual card. This stops important information from falling off the edge!

 2- Die Cut

This means that the shape of the card is not the usual rectangle shape but it's cut into a less traditional shape. We love some of the hexagonal designs that we have seen but don’t forget, the card design, including its shape, needs to fit with your company and brand.

 3- Realism

There are some great ideas involving using a photo of your product as the background for your business card. This may sound simple and super-effective, but there is a fine line between quirky and downright odd. The ones we have seen focus on food, which is a great starting point. 



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