Choosing a Dog Daycare in Chapel Hill

Whether it's on a daily basis or an occasional thing, sometimes you need to have someone else watch your canine for a while and ensure his safety. Dog daycare centers are set up to do just that. They offer your canine a place to play and exercise during the day while you can't watch your dog. Dogs receive ample human contact as well as contact with other dogs.

When choosing a best dog day care in Chapel Hill, you may be limited by your geographic location to only a handful of choices. It's best to consider all of the canine daycares that are nearby to see which one best suits the needs of you and your pet.Chapel Hill Day School 56827073 1 - Dog Day School Chapel Hill NC

You should make sure that the daycare owner screens all incoming dogs to make sure they are up to date on all vaccinations and that they are spayed or neutered. This is common practice at most dog daycares, but it never hurts to check. You wouldn't want your dog to contract an infection while at the daycare.

Most dog daycares will walk your canine during your dog's stay to give him some exercise. When your dog isn't being walked, he'll most likely be put in a play area with other dogs. This can provide much-needed socialization for your dog. Canines that are well-socialized are less likely to be aggressive towards strangers and other dogs.

You should make sure to confirm that your canine will be supervised by a staff member at all times, and not left unattended. Even though fights are rare in dog daycares (canines who show signs of aggression towards other dogs or strangers are typically not admitted) it's nice to know that your dog is in good hands at all times.

Depending on what breed of dog you have, you may be limited in your selection of canine daycare centers. Some dog daycares outright ban certain breeds that are known for aggression, such as rottweilers and Pitbulls, from attending. Aggressive dogs can present a danger to both other dogs and staff members that are taking care of them.

Even if your dog shows no signs of aggression, they may be banned to placate other dog owners who wouldn't want their canine in the same play area as a "vicious rottweiler."

You may want to look into a private sitter for your pup, who can come to your home in order to supervise your pet. Private sitters may be more expensive, and your pup loses out on socializing with other dogs, but a private sitter allows your canine to get human contact while you are away and you will have someone on hand in case of an emergency.

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