Baby Powder Cancer Lawsuit Investigation

Baby powder is a fine powder which could possibly be made out of talc powder or cornstarch. It's generally used on the skin to ease ailments like diaper rash or chafing

Regardless of the widespread use of talcum powder it can really be poisonous if inhaled, since it may result in pneumonia, together with long-term usage being connected to cancer.

Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk

In accordance with baby powder lawsuits, various studies have proven a considerable link between talc based baby powder and prostate cancer. This includes proof of ovarian cancer containing traces of talc.

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Risk of Pregnancy in Girls

The question why girls develop mesothelioma has puzzled scientists and physicians until recently, when study discovered traces of asbestos in products frequently used by women, such as talcum and baby powder produced from Johnson and Johnson.

Quite a few research published in recent decades have identified a possible connection between talcum powder and mesothelioma, such as an October 2014 study printed at the International Journal of Occupational and Environmental Health. 

Researchers indicated that routine use of talcum powder might have resulted in the death of at least one unidentified girl because of mesothelioma.

It's estimated that it might take eight years to get a single particle of talc from the lungs to dissolve. Some specialists say talcum or baby powder is similar to asbestos, which has been associated with causing mesothelioma.

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