Why Termite Inspection is Important

The recession has been in full swing for several years now. Unemployment numbers are frightening. Millions of houses are foreclosure. And the real estate market has been stagnated. But if you think these houses have been vacant, think again.

The root cause of the problem of course, is neglect. The more a house has been neglected, the higher the risk of termites is high. In some cases, the owner was in financial difficulty before foreclosure. This is a sure bet that terminal inspections have never been made. Plumbing and roof leaks, also resulting from negligence, make even more attractive vacant homes for termites. You can check out the best termite inspection companies via https://www.millspestmanagement.com/termite-pest-control/.

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The experts believe that the amount of damage caused by termites each year exceeds every year the damage caused by all tornadoes, hurricanes and wind storms. The cost of treatment and repair of termites damage is estimated between 1.2 USD and $ 5 billion each year in the United States. Annual termites inspections could prevent much of this damage.

Termites researchers tell us that a typical colony of dryer terrains comprises 5,000 to 10,000 termites. It takes a colony of about four years to mature to the point of starting to swarm. During that time one colony may develop into multiple colonies.

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