Why a Risk Assessment Is Important and What to Do?

Conducting a risk assessment will help identify the causes that could lead to injury to employees and verify that appropriate action has been taken in the workplace to reduce and prevent potential risks.

If you are working with chemicals, then you can have chemical risk assessment in Dublin via https://www.labsafety.ie/services/consultancy/risk-assessments.

Risks include hazards in the workplace that can result in damage from chemicals, gas, loose cables, and steep stairs without handrails. As an employer, you are not legally obliged to remove all elements at risk. However, you are expected to take reasonable steps to control this risk.

Conducting a risk assessment also means that you have carefully assessed potential risk factors in the workplace and have considered appropriate procedures to control those risks. In addition to identifying risks, you need to assess those risks to identify the highest and lowest risks in your workplace.

The first thing to do when conducting a workplace assessment is to look around a construction site, shop, industrial plant or office and look for possible risks.

In a workplace as an office, you can identify several, including the following:

1) Fire – Personnel can be hit and injured by fire and smoke if a fire breaks out in the workplace.

2) Computer Equipment – If employees use computer equipment frequently and every day for long periods of time, assess the risk associated with that equipment in terms of posture problems, poorly designed desk and work environment, and poor lighting. All of these factors can cause injury or discomfort.

3) Handling of goods – When employees handle heavy objects, furniture and boxes, there is a risk that they can result in back pain and injury or other accidents in the office.

4) Hazardous Substances – If a gas cylinder tank does not meet health and safety requirements this is a big risk.

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