What IS A Preventive Medicine

Preventive Medicine is the care and measures taken to prevent illness. Professional preventive care includes examinations and screening tests tailored to a patient's age, health, and family history. In addition to avoiding the initial development of diseases, preventive medicine also includes preventing the worsening of diseases that have already developed. You can also buy natural medicine through various online sources.

There are a number of ways that doctors treat their patients with Preventive Medicine. Immunization is a common but important example of preventive medicine provided by doctors. Vaccines are regularly used to guard against illness, especially influenza. Antibiotics are used to prevent infections when treating wounds and burns.

Good hygiene practices are another essential part of preventive care and health maintenance. Hand washing and bathing are important to cleanse the body of infectious agents and dead skin cells. It is also important to wash food and clean utensils and kitchen surfaces before eating. These measures reduce the likelihood of germs and bacteria entering the body.

Health maintenance is an ongoing process that is important to preventive care. There are several aspects of improving health and staying healthy. Physical exercise can improve overall health and reduce the likelihood of becoming ill. Personal health is also impacted by personal observations of daily living, as well as the clinical treatment plans based on these observations. Professional health care is an important part of health maintenance. The medical, nursing, and allied health professions offer services for the prevention of illness and preservation of mental and physical health.

The social structure of a person's life also affects their health. Maintaining strong social relationships has been linked to good health and longevity. Including volunteer work in one's social activities can have a positive impact on personal health. Stress management is also a component of health maintenance. Relaxation techniques, cognitive therapy, and confidence building techniques can reduce negative stress responses in the body.

The importance of Preventive Medicine cannot be overstated. Many of the leading causes of death in the United States could be avoided with Preventive Medicine. Preventive care and health maintenance are an important part of what doctors of internal medicine and Family Practitioners offer their patients. These physicians provide their patients with a better understanding of wellness and disease prevention, which can lead to a longer and healthier life.

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