What Is A Mixed Craft Beer Pack?

In the world of craft beer, there are many styles – lagers, ales, stouts, etc. What happens when you find yourself in a store and you're not sure what to buy? You can't always rely on the standard shelves and menus to help you out. A mixed craft beer pack is where you get a few dozen different beers that have been preselected for your specific tastes.

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A mixed craft beer pack is a package of beer that has been created with a variety of craft beers. This can include a variety of different styles, breweries, or even countries.

Mixed craft beer packs are becoming increasingly popular because they allow people to try a wide range of different beers without having to purchase each one separately. Plus, they make great gifts!

Types of mixed craft beer packs

A mixed craft beer pack is a package of six, eight, or more beers that are not all from the same brewery. A mixed pack can be made up of any combination of styles and breweries, but typically it will have at least one beer from each category: IPA, lager, Pilsner, stout, white ale, brown ale, red ale, and wheat beer. 

The variety in a mixed pack can be a draw for beer enthusiasts and make it an interesting choice for customers looking to try something new. 


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