What Every Self-Published Author Should Know

Many things are easier, faster, and simpler than they were 25 years ago. Computers are an everyday part of our lives. Nearly everyone has a mobile phone. You don't even need to have a book in your hands to read it. The new technology is loved by most people.

Personally, I still prefer the feel and look of a book with pages in my hands. Self-publishing a book is one of the most exciting new options we have today. To write a manuscript, you don’t need to be in front of a typewriter. Woody Allen and others still use typewriters, but most people now use word processors on a computer. Novice authors who have decided to work independently can learn to self-publish & market your books via courses & coaching and make their self-publishing journey prosperous.

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It is much easier and more manageable to write a book. While writing a book isn't easy or simple for most people, we can all try to be like Woody Allen. After all the hard work of writing, proofreading, editing, and completing a manuscript, the next question to ask is, "What's the best way to publish this novel?"

You may find an agent or publisher who will help you make your book a bestseller. Your agent will then help you create a plan for selling your book, which may include signings. Once your book is in the bookstores, it's a sign that you are ready to go. The problem is getting in the bookstores. Your book may be one of the most important and interesting of all time. But if your agent can't get you into bookstores, your talent might never leave your home library.

Many companies will publish your book for you. Some are extremely cost-effective. Self-publishing has psychological benefits as well. You can self-publish if you want to only work with an agent. If you self-publish, then you are an author who has published a book, and you may or may not be shopping your book around.


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