Want To Keep Your Dog Distracted? Use Lick Mats

Are you fed up with your dog's angry behaviour? Looking for the best toy to calm his unwanted behaviour. Just like humans, the dog also experiences mood swings. But the main difference is we can go hang out with friends or can watch some good series on Netflix.

On the other hand, dogs can’t do such things. There is only one best solution for him, which is dog lick mats. Providing your pooch high-quality emats can keep him always distracted. Hence no need to worry about his unpredictable behaviour. If you want to keep your pooch always busy, shop online e-mats by SodaPup via https://sodapup.com/collections/lick-mats.

Why use Lick mats?

Lick mats are one of the best enrichment dog toys which help to keep your pooch calm. This emat encourages the act of licking, thus keeping him free from stress-inducing situations. This continuous licking promotes your dog to enjoy his long-lasting treat without intaking too many calories.

Are lick mats good for dogs?

A big yes! They are not only good but the best ever choice if you’re really worried about your pup anxious behaviour. Not only this, by giving lick mats to your dog, you can deliver him long-lasting entertainment by keeping him always occupied with its repetitive licking. This overall improves his digestive health by avoiding overfeeding.

Does the size of Lick mats really matter?

These lick mats are available in various sizes. Usually small and large. Both function the same but the amount of food the mat can hold is different. Obviously larger the breed, a large lick mat is required. For smaller breeds, small size lick mats will serve their purpose. So the choice of choosing lick mats totally depends upon the size of your pooch.

Do I need to supervise my dog before buying licking mats

Just like other dog enrichment toys, emats are not chewed toys. If your dog swallows this emat, in that case, there is a big risk of choking. To avoid such scenarios proper supervision is a must.

Why choose E-mats by SodaPup?

SodaPup emats are easy to use and are more durable, especially when we put them in the freezer. Moreover, their emats designs are unique and fun too if we compare with its other brands

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