Travel Destination Ignorance

Madeira cake from France and Tenerife in Bulgaria

A few days ago, I had been sitting inside my favourite restaurant after i overheard a discussion that went something similar to this:

First Person: “I believe I will possess a slice of Madeira cake”

Her Friend: “That’s advisable, I’ll join you. Not too I have had a clue why they refer to it as Madeira cake, have you ever?”

First Person: “I believe it’s named after a little devote France.”

I don’t know why that kind of ignorance about places makes me feel so frustrated. In the end, why must everybody be as fascinated with travel and away places like me? Largest, I simply couldn’t help myself interrupting the 2 women every time they had purchased their cake to tell them that Madeira is really a Portuguese island four hundred miles from the north African coast within the Atlantic. I added it constitutes a fabulous holiday destination but did bother to inform them that it’s really not just one island but an archipelago and really an autonomous region of Portugal.

Equally well – their expressions explained which i had already stated greater than these were thinking about knowing.

This attitude of getting little if any curiosity about holiday destinations is really common which is not limited to those who are generally under educated. Frequent examples is visible on tv quiz shows when contestants who’re clearly well educated come across a quick question like

Which of this is not really a Caribbean island

(A) Jamaica

(B) Cuba

(C) Majorca

(D) Barbados

Much more incredible would be the people you sometimes overhear inside a tour operator, booking holidays to resorts without getting any interest his or her location as lengthy since it’s warm and sunny with cheap booze available.

Travel destination ignorance isn’t just an english factor. An aura stewardess once explained a tale a good American couple visiting their parents country of origin, Bulgaria, one Feb. They’d used a tour operator in New You are able to to organize their journey and book the 2 flights which were involved. The very first flight required these to London where they boarded the continuing flight to accomplish their journey. If this flight arrived at Reina Sofia airport terminal the pair looked just a little flustered and hesitated towards the top of the flight steps, embracing the stewardess to inquire about why everywhere looked so sub tropical and sunny, and adding their parents had always said excitedly that Bulgaria was cold in Feb. Initially, the stewardess was baffled to consider something that might let you know that someone looking to get to Bulgaria in Eastern Europe could finish on a flight ticket to Tenerife within the Canary Islands. Then she recognized that the Bulgarias capital is Sofia. She requested the pair whether or not they thought they’d boarded a flight ticket to Sofia, Bulgaria. The solution was yes also it switched out their tour operator had most likely just typed Sofia Flights into her computer and recognized the outcomes the query gave without questioning any more!

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