Tips to Improve Your B2B Online Marketing

Long ago marketers were able to reach their consumers through basic methods like cold calls or television and had only the expectation that the messages were actually seen. The entire system of marketing was, to a certain extent imperfect. 

This is why a lot of companies have embraced digital strategies, which has led to one-on-one customer engagement as well as more accurate measurement of marketing activities.

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However, having said that most B2B marketers don't have the same view regarding 'digital' marketing. There's a reason why they think that their customers aren't engaging with things like social media', and their products and services are too niche for digital to work.

These theories are unfounded and this is evident when you examine B2B marketers who have already shifted away from traditional media and have embraced the aspects of the digital.

The growth of digital in B2B markets

The implications are companies who aren't making their presence known on digital platforms run the risk of being left behind by competitors and, consequently losing business potential.

There are a handful of B2B marketers who aren't willing to take on this risk. The report also revealed that the majority of the largest B2B companies were spending over 50% of their marketing budget total on digital.

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