Things You Must Experience and Try in Ouray, Colorado!

If you associated the beauty of the US with New York or Chicago, you would need to take a trip to Ouray, Colorado. A small county with a smaller population, Ouray is different, even when you compare it with other parts of the state. It’s charm shines better in the winters, and the good news is nature lovers will find endless things to do here on a regular weekday. From trails, to exploring waterfalls and taking road trips, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Right from my favorite hotel in Ouray Colorado, you could access almost every part of the county. In this post, we are discussing everything you need to try on a trip here!

Box Canyon Falls Park – If you have never seen a canyon, this is where you need o head. The waterfall drop is not that high, but the views are just magical, regardless of whether you want to see from the top or bottom. In terms of activities to do, you can actually find many trails here, and each one is unique. Take the kinds to the center meant for visitors, where they can learn about the park and its diversity.

Downtown Ouray – If you want to just explore the area and want to dine at one of the nice restaurants, Downtown Ouray is where you should head. There are some really cute shops out there, and if you don’t want to shop anything, just take a beer and enjoy the evening. The area is not very crowded, so you can find a moment to relax and breathe.

Ouray Ice Park

As we had mentioned earlier, the beauty of the area comes to life in the winters, and if you are here during that season, we recommend that you include Ouray Ice Park on the list of to-dos. There are some great opportunities here to learn ice climbing, and believe us when we say that experts recommend Ouray for this alone. There are no costs involved, and in between November and March, you can see climbers take the journey. There is also the much-famed Ouray Ice Festival, which happens in January, and people from different parts of the world take part.

If you plan to come to Ouray on a weekend, it is wise to book your stay in advance, because it can be expensive at times. Also, check for hotels that offer a good mix of views and ambience.

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