Things To Bring When You Bring Your Dog On Vacation

Are you preparing to go on vacation for your dog? We often spend so long planning what we need to take for the trip that we completely forget about the things that we need for our animal. Here are the items that you definitely need to make sure are in your suitcase. It’s important that you have these to guarantee a completely stress-free experience with your family.

A Dog Brush 

Some dogs are not able to have their hair trimmed. This can impact the health of their coat. You can check with your vet whether this is true for your dog. If they are able to have their coat trimmed, make sure that you are taking this step for the trip. If not, it’s a good idea to pack a special dog brush. This can help you remove excess hair and keep them cool if you are going on a vacation through the summer months.

Great Dog Food

You definitely want to make sure that you have plenty of dog food packed up for the trip. That way you won’t have to worry about buying your dog’s favourite brand while on vacation. Don’t forget, you can pick get great dry food from companies such as Barking Heads. This is sure to go down a treat with your pet pooch and will be a wonderful option for a vacation. At the very least you should make sure that you have some food for the journey to the destination itself.

A Favourite Toy

Make sure that you are packing at least one of your pet’s favourite toys. Don’t forget, that for a dog travelling to a new location can be a little concerning and potentially even stressful. Their favourite toy will help ensure that they feel calm and completely relaxed on the trip. You definitely want to ensure this is the case as it can help you avoid any little accidents that can occur when a dog is nervous.

A Lead

It’s easy to forget to pack a lead when you are loading up your dog into the car for a vacation. This is going to be a nightmare if you are taking your dog on a road trip. It can mean that you won’t be able to stop and let them out. So, make sure that you are checking and checking again, that you have the lead and collar with you. You don’t want to have to try and create a makeshift lead.

Portable Dog Bowl

Last but not least you should ensure that you are packing a portable dog bowl. What’s a portable dog bowl, we hear you ask? These can be folded so are usually made of waterproof material. They are clever items that can easily fit inside your pocket and be used to provide your dog with water on a trip or food easily. It’s a handy option not just for the trip itself but for when you get to your final destination.

We hope this helps you ensure that you have everything you need for your dog on this trip.

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