Surgical Treatment for Severe Dry Eyes

Dry eye is one of the most common problems in people over the age of 50, and it can occur in younger patients as well. Really: Many diseases and medications can cause dry eyes. Although the possible causes of dry eye are numerous, in most cases treatment is limited to replacement therapy with artificial tears or gels. However: This product only offers a partial or temporary solution and therefore silicone plugs are sometimes placed in the tear ducts in patients with dry eyes to prevent the normal flow of tears into the nose. You can  also discover the best eye care center in Toronto from the web. 

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These plugs can cause infection, especially in younger patients, because not only tears but also microorganisms are retained in the eye instead of being flushed into the nose.

New therapies: Several years ago, Prof. Juan Murube of the renowned Alcala University in Madrid in Spain found that the secretion of the salivary glands from the lower lip is very similar to the natural flow of tears. He developed a surgical technique for transplanting glands to the inside of the eyelids. These glands are easily accessible and can be transplanted into the eyelids along with the upper mucous membrane. I slightly modified the technique using radiosurgery and used flowing stitches instead of single stitches. In patients under general anesthesia with radiosurgery, samples from the labial lining of the lower lip and underlying glands are dissected and transplanted into the inner, conjunctival side of the eyelid. The patient is only allowed to stay in the hospital overnight, and the leaking stitches can be removed after two weeks.

Result: Most of the patients have seen improvement in suture removal, so they can reduce the frequency of artificial tear infusion. To prove the patient's subjective feelings after this new surgical technique, I asked the pathologist to examine the transplanted tissue microscopically. Biopsy of this transplanted tissue taken at 18 and 36 months confirmed the viability of the transplanted gland, which retained its primary secretions.

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