Simple Divorce in a Nutshell

An uncontested divorce can also be an easy divorce. In the event that you and your spouse are unable to reach an agreement on issues like the allocation of property, child support/maintenance, and so on, you are in a divorce that is contested. You can navigate to to apply for a simple divorce in Ontario..

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 If you initiate divorce proceedings and your spouse fights it, then it cannot be a simple divorce. This article aims at providing the necessary steps to apply for a divorce that is simple.

In the beginning, you must fill out several forms such as Form 8A, which is a filing for divorce, Form 8A, Registration of Divorce Proceeding Form, and Form 6B, which is the Affidavit of Service. 

If in the past, you were involved in any case before a family court, it's essential to fill out Form E, a summary of court cases. Also, you must decide on where to submit the case. In general, the documents are filed with a court that is within the jurisdiction of your residence.

After filling out all of these forms, you should make two copies of the application along with any attachments. Keep one copy for your personal files and then a duplicate copy is to be served on your spouse. 

You must then submit the application in its original form with your marriage certificate in court. Once that is completed and the court has assigned an account number to your case. The court then puts its seal to your request for divorce simply following the payment of the required cost.

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