Rheumatology and the Foot

The foot is simply like any other area of our body and may be affected by any one of the various sorts of arthritis. Rheumatology is the medical speciality that handles all of those diverse arthritis ailments. When it comes to the foot there are several podiatrists who've a specialised interest in rheumatology or the joint disease conditions that affect the feet. One of these specialists is Professor Debbie Turner, PhD who is the Director of Academic Program for Podiatric Medicine at the Western Sydney Collage. She has been recently a guest on the Facebook livestream, PodChatLive to go over podiatry and rheumatology. PodChatLive is the monthly live show which has on a variety of different guests to discuss a variety of issues of importance to podiatry and the feet. In this chat with Debbie Turner she gave the listeners a taste with precisely what the role of a Podiatrist within a specialist Rheumatology program needs to be structured. She outlined the disorders typically noticed in the feet in rheumatology services and her approach to the examination and handling of these conidtions. She in addition offered some good information for clinicians who don’t work within Rheumatology, but may well be losing problems because of their ability to masquerade as musculoskeletal issues.

Debbie Turner initially qualified as a podiatrist in 1996 and has generally practiced clinically and also developed a skilled range of clinical practice in the areas of gait analysis and imaging. Debbie gained an Arthritis Research UK academic fellowship in 2007 and then undertook education in musculoskeletal ultrasound along with injection therapy of the foot. The application of an integrated imaging as well as biomechanical approach to understanding chronic disorders like diabetes mellitus and inflamation related joint disease has been the target of her investigation work. She has published extensively in the area of rheumatology and has helped to generate capability in podiatry research by means of Doctor of Philosophy supervision.


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