Recreating High Tea at Home

It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy high tea in a luxurious restaurant or hotel. Many people don't realize they can enjoy the ritual of high-tea at home. You can recreate the grandeur and atmosphere of high tea with your family and friends, and have a great time. By clicking this link, you can also order high tea in Dubai.

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The Tea

High tea's central ingredient is the tea itself. You can choose from a variety of gourmet loose-leaf and herbal teas to make your high-quality tea. You can also choose from floral green teas or bold black teas like English breakfast. 

You can have up to three different varieties depending on how many guests you are expecting. You can also choose to have your tea with sugar cubes or milk (not cream).

Making tea

It all starts with boiling water in a pot. You will need to heat the water to bring it to a boil. Warm the water in the pot by swirling it until it feels warm. Place the large tea diffuser filled with your tea choice in the kettle. 

Let the boiling water cool down for a few minutes before pouring into the pot. Depending on how strong the tea is and how delicate the leaves are, let it steep for three to five minutes.


There are many light snacks available for traditional high tea. For a traditional experience, stick with sandwiches (cucumbers, cheese, and chutney or egg and cress), and pastries. High tea snacks have expanded to include samosas, glazed nuts, and cheeses as well as fruits.

 No matter what you do, ensure that the item can be easily picked up with your fingers. Also, that it is small enough that you can eat it in just a few bites.

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