Reasons to Have a Gas Mask in Your Emergency Kit

People who work in an emergency field where chemical or biological weapons are used than having a gas mask would be the difference between life and death. If on the other hand there is swine flu, bird flu, or other pandemics that are airborne, nose and mouth filters would probably work better.

The gas mask isn’t an item you would be able to wear all the time. It’s for a short duration of use in an emergency. Various manufacturers produce a gas mask hood covering a person’s entire face.  This type of protective equipment allows the air to pass through a filter before the person breathes it in. Gas masks are protective gear continuing to be an essential item in any modern soldier’s kit.

Modern armies are still required to supply their troops with full-face gas masks just in case they encounter any threats and harmful biological weapons coming from their enemies as well as from terrorists.

These protective equipment are also used for industrial purposes. Having fun with it for industrial purposes is rather difficult as it can cost a lot of money. Respiratory protection, face masks as well as various other protective equipment are often required in most industrial settings by specialized industrial hygiene.

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