PPE – An Important Mandatory Requirement for All Businesses

PPE otherwise known as Personal protective equipment plays a very important role in any business establishment. Every business owner has to make sure that they have all the necessary PPE equipment's in place to avoid any kind of emergency or injury.

This equipment refers to pads, shields, guards, masks, first aid kits, etc. Protective equipment should be worn at all times for hazard related activities such as physical, electrical, chemical, airborne, heat, and biohazards.

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Disposable 3 Ply Masks

PPE reduces the risk of employee exposure to hazardous activities and it is the responsibility of the employer to check that all equipment is up to date and in excellent working condition.

A thorough repeated check needs to be carried out on a daily basis in relation to the functioning of this equipment as the employee is at risk of being exposed to any hazard if the equipment fails to work or operate.

An up to date and well-stocked first aid kit is very important for any business establishment. According to the HSC Approved Code of Practice, 'The contents of first-aid containers should be examined frequently and should be restocked as soon as possible after use. Sufficient supplies should be held in a backup stock on site. Care should be taken to discard items safely after the expiry date has passed.'

PPE First Aid kit should contain the following items:

• First Response Kit- Standard contents sufficient to treat up to 10 people.

• Biohazard Body Spills Clean up Single Application Pack- Clean up packs for containment and disposal of infectious organisms from body spills.

• Microporous Tape- Multi-purpose paper tape which allows air to circulate for holding dressings and bandages which easily tears.

• Emergency Eyewash- Sterile saline solution eyewash with eye pads and mirror.

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