PEMF Therapy – Learn the secret to taking “Charge” in Your Health

As fish move around and live in waters, we are surrounded by vibrating magnetic fields on Earth. You are likely aware there is a reason why the Earth emits magnetic fields but you may not have known that this field of magnetic energy changes with time, and has a specific speed and intensity that powers the life of all living things on Earth. 

It is more than a basic orientation guide for bees, birds, and humans This magnetic field that pulsates around Earth's magnetic field Earth is the primary spark, the catalyst of all biochemical reactions that occur in living organisms. In this article, the author will lead you through an in-depth exploration of the reasons how humans require these magnetic fields that pulsate not only for health but also to be able to live! You can search for pulsating electromagnetic field therapy via online references.

The first indication of the significance of these Earth-based pulsed magnetic fields (PEMFs) was found in the very first space launch. The Russians were the winners of this race in space Yuri Gagarin and his historic launch into space took only 1 hour and 48 minutes when he circled the Earth one time and returned. In the absence of the magnetic fields that pulsate around Earth for such a short amount of time, Yuri returned from space with bone loss, depression and muscle loss, a decrease in metabolism, and impaired vision (from only one hour and 48 mins).

Since the historic flight zero-field studies (experiments carried out in chambers comprised of MU metal, which blocks all magnetic fields) have proved that living cells didn't receive the magnetic pulses of Earth, They die within hours. Days, weeks, or months Not the hours (which also includes cells from humans). Here's the most important conclusion of this post. A PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic fields) is a vital element of health, as are oxygen, food, and sleep. Actually, you could stay longer in a state of health without food and water, but without pulsed magnetic fields!

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