Online Product Customization Or Creation Strategy

This article describes a successful online approach based on product creation. Online products usually refer to e-books, audios, and videos that can be sent and downloaded via the Internet. Other online products include software programs such as sales letter generators. To know more about product customization software visit

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The most successful online businesses are built like funnels that require multiple products. Like a funnel you can use to fill a narrow-necked container in a kitchen or garden, the funnel is wide at one end and narrow at the other. 

You should then have a variety of entry-level products that you will promote through your email list or webinar. Then you want to invite your customers to buy a product or service at a moderate price, i.e. Home training course. At the very bottom, you'll be offering expensive products and services as a brain group or even 1: 1 support and training.

This can be a daunting prospect if you haven't created your first product. The secret is to take it to step by step and break it into pieces. 

One way to approach this task is to take the time to brainstorm and grasp everything you think your ideal client would need to succeed in your niche.

This is a process that you will have to go through for several days as you will find that additional ideas come up at the most unusual moments. This will form the basis for world-class products, membership courses and programs.

Then the point is to break these ideas down into natural groups that display the average price of the product you will be offering. Then break down the products further to see what your entry-level product would look like.

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