Okinawa Is The Hidden Gem Of Japan

Okinawa's rich islands were once part of the Ryukyu Kingdom, a prosperous trading nation that existed from the 14th to the 16th centuries. Through clan take-overs, the islands changed hands until it was used as a US military base in 1945. 

In 1972, the Japanese government returned the islands to Japan. Okinawans consider themselves to be different from people living in mainland Japan. They are proud of their uchinanchu heritage. SpotTree is introducing spots on the main island and remote islands of Okinawa, which can be very helpful for you to explore more in Okinawa.


The subtropical climate is only one of the many attractions of the island chain. While neighboring cities like Shanghai, Taiwan, and Pusan experience freezing temperatures in January, Okinawa's average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius, which makes it a popular winter destination. 

These islands, which are surrounded by beautiful beaches and historic structures, are lush and green all year. Kume Island hosts Eef Beach, a picturesque beach with powdery white sand and turtle shell rocks. It is a peaceful haven for nature lovers, as it has remained untouched by modernity. 

Hate-no Hama, a white island located on the east coast of Kume Island, is surrounded by an emerald-green ocean. Tourists love the 7-kilometer long beach.

Locals advise that March and April are the best months to visit. Okinawans have a variety of national holidays at the end of April. It might be worth your time to attend these celebrations and experience local customs.

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