Motorised Treadmills – Tips on Finding the Right Machine

motorised treadmill

When you shop for a motorised treadmill, one of the first questions to answer is whether you need a motorised treadmill or a manually operated treadmill. Each of them comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and both can be very beneficial to your fitness routine. If you are new to exercise, either of them may work well for you, but the best way to decide which one is best for you is by reading as many consumer reviews as you can on each type of machine. These reviews tend to be very positive about the motorised treadmill, since they offer so many features. They also tend to mention the price of the machine, which is obviously an important factor.


The main advantage of the motorised treadmill is that it will simulate the real life jogging and running experience without the actual physical strain on the body. You will find that the intensity of the workout is similar to that of jogging outdoors, since the force of the motor will help to build up your stamina. However, you won't have to worry about the impact on your joints and ligaments the way you would if you were jogging outdoors, because the treadmill provides a smooth cushioning surface that absorbs some of the impact. By building up your stamina, you can then start working on your cardio, so that when you get out there, you can fully enjoy your workout.


The disadvantages of a motorised treadmill tend to be more in the area of price. You may need to fork over a significant amount of money to afford one of these machines, since they are quite a bit more expensive than manual treadmills. On the other hand, a manual treadmill can take up much more room in your home, and you will have to remember to clean it after every use. A motorised model will require you to purchase a separate case for storing it, which will also mean buying extra equipment to store it in.


An elliptical trainer and a sprint treadmill are also great options for cross training for sportsmen and women, as well as for athletes looking to build up their cardio. These machines allow you to vary the intensity, providing you with a good workout for the whole body in a short amount of time. Some sprint treadmills allow you to do high-interval training, which can benefit athletes who are trying to improve their endurance or who are looking to do some serious competitive running.


The only disadvantage of a motorised treadmill is the lack of control when attempting to work out a proper incline. If you attempt to increase the level of the incline too much without slowing down, you could damage the device or injure yourself. A manual version would be more suitable for people who don't want to be bound by a pre-determined workout plan and want more freedom. This is why many adults with physical difficulties to find a jogger or walking belt more suitable.


Another issue to consider when purchasing a motorised treadmill is how stable the belt is. The problem is that if the foot pads or deck aren't fitted properly, it may be very difficult to achieve a good workout. In addition, the force of the jogger or walker can cause the treadmill belt to jerk suddenly. For this reason, many people choose a curved treadmill belt. A curved treadmill belt has a smooth, circular shape, so as to provide a better workout and less chance of sudden jolting.


As with many other items in life, price is always a factor. You have to decide whether an expensive motorised treadmill with numerous features and a heavy price tag is worth the price. A manual treadmill may be more affordable, but it may take a longer time and require additional accessories. If price is a consideration only for you, then it's recommended that you shop around first, comparing prices at retail stores, online and other venues.


Finally, don't forget to check out online reviews before making your final purchase. A motorised treadmill can make a great addition to your home gym. Just keep in mind the above factors and shop around. There are many good models on sale, with prices starting under $200. With proper care, a motorised treadmill can last for many years.

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