Let’s Reinvent the RFP Process to Work Better for All

If the company uses the same process to employ the head of the marketing officer they use when choosing an advertising agency, the trading wheel will stop. Imagine a CEO who said "We need a new marketing vice president. Purchase calls." This happens in a company because the advertising business is seen as a commodity entrusted to the bidder as low as possible.

At present, among the last considerations is chemistry and the quality of interactions between agent teams and clients. Many clients determine the price, service provisions, and advertising strategies in the take-it-or-leave approach that makes agents scratch their heads. You can hire the services of successful rfps for your business.

It's hard to do when more advertising reviews often store contacts with agent people as long as possible. A good match between clients and agents used with a dose of healthy interactions between parties who are looking for the right talent matches, expertise, and fit. Inspired agencies to invest in studying client businesses are welcomed with open doors. 

The process of reviewing the right ads has politically affected the interaction. For example, my request recently for input meetings with potential clients filled with this Voicemail answer: "Send your questions in writing, and we will respond via email to all agencies. It will be an unfair advantage if we do it answers your question directly. "

If the company employs marketing leaders by many certain institutions today, employing mistakes to be rampant. Some candidates are expected to write a complete marketing plan without interaction with the company or its people. The research will not be distributed. The budget will be kept secret. The first meeting of each candidate will be in front of some people where they are expected to present their plans. 

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