How To Fix A Clogged Drain In Fremont California: The Definitive Guide

It’s fairly easy to spot a drain clog – water drains slowly or doesn’t drain at all. For many homeowners, their first inclination is to grab a plunger and get to work, but not all clogs are able to be cleared using at-home methods.  

If you know when to leave drain cleaning to expert clogged drain cleaning services in Fremont, California, you save yourself some hassle and limit the wait for restored drainage. These signs tell you that the clog in your lines is too much for you to handle – call your plumber for repair.

  • When more than one drain runs slow. Multiple clogs usually aren’t a coincidence – most likely you have a single clog below where the drainage pipes meet, perhaps even in the mainline.

  • When clogs keep occurring. Unclogging a shower or sink drain is usually a relatively easy task, but any clog that doesn’t get resolved after frequent attempts should be checked by a plumber. When a drain malfunction repeatedly, it’s a sign that the entire clog isn’t being removed or that the blockage is located deep in the lines where it’s impossible to eliminate without specialized equipment.

  • When water backs up into another drain. For instance, if you find standing water in your utility sink when you’re doing laundry, or water backs up into your bathtub or shower when you flush the toilet, you likely have a mainline clog. In this case, addressing your home’s individual fixtures does not help.

  • When your drains smell like sewage. It’s normal for a kitchen drain to develop a foul smell on occasion, and smelly garbage disposals are usually easily resolved by putting lemon peels, ice, or baking soda and vinegar down the drain. If this doesn’t resolve the smell, your main line may be backed up.

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