How Does Human Design Work?

Human design is the process of shaping the human body, mind, and spirit through deliberate action. Though it may seem like something out of a science fiction movie or novel, human design is a real phenomenon that has been studied and practiced for centuries

Human design is one of the most fascinating and complex concepts in all of psychology. It's the study of how people behave and how they think, and it has a lot of implications for both our personal lives and our society as a whole. You can browse this website to learn how human design works.

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Human design is the study of how people behave and think. It encompasses everything from our personal relationships to our social interactions to our thoughts and ideas. And it has a lot of important implications for both our personal lives and our society as a whole.

For example, human design can help us understand why we make certain choices in life. It can also help us understand why certain people are more successful than others. And it can even help us develop better ways of interacting with other people.

Human Design is a model of self-knowledge that suggests that humans have a natural propensity to understand themselves and their relationship to the world.  According to Human Design, humans use four primary modes of self-knowledge: sensation, intuition, thought, and feeling. Each of these modes corresponds to a different part of our brain, and enables us to understand ourselves in a holistic way.

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