Guerilla Marketing Techniques To Drive Free Traffic To Your Website

Guerrilla marketing is a marketing method that is often used by people on a tight budget. The goal is to get as many people as possible to see your marketing efforts without spending a huge budget. 

If you want to know more about Guerrilla marketing, then you can visit this website Here are some guerrilla marketing techniques that you can use to promote your website.

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Posters and billboards: Create a small poster in your favorite design program that will look like a small advertisement. Then look for bulletin boards in your neighborhood. Libraries, town halls, shop windows, etc. is a great place.

Print business cards: Business card printing is surprisingly inexpensive and can be very effective. You can leave it anywhere without the risk of being fined. Restaurants and bars usually have a place to leave your card, but why stop there? Leave them on buses, public restrooms, trains, etc. It's even better if you can leave it where your target market will be.

Make the bumper sticker: Create and create a sticker with your web url and give it to everyone you know, give it to anyone who has it.

Create outfits with your URL: The weirder the better, a giant hat with your URL on it tends to grab attention. Wear it yourself and give it to your friends and family.

Create articles for local newspapers: Local newspapers usually compete for content. Contact them and offer to do something for them in exchange for a link to your website.

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