Do You Know How Do Retractable Awnings Work?

A retractable awning is a popular choice for both homeowners and commercial properties who are looking to get the benefits of a patio awning without it being a permanent fixture. Their versatility means the options are endless, helping you find the perfect addition to your property. You can also shop for the best awnings for you from a phoenix awning firm.

What is a retractable awning?

Before deciding on the best awning, many customers ask ‘what is a retractable awning?’ to understand the difference between the different types available. A retractable awning is attached to the side of a property in the same way as a standard awning but it can be retracted when not in use. 

Being able to suit your preferences, the option to open up the awning in sunny weather, or when hosting outdoor events whilst keeping the material safe when not needed is a great concept for many.

How do retractable awnings work?

Most retractable awnings are operated electrically, allowing you to simply press a button to control them. Depending on the style of retractable awning you opt for, the features can differ slightly, from roll-up awnings to folding awnings. 

For folded designs, your awning will be fitted with articulated arms that retract to carefully fold the awning back on itself. Similarly, rolling options also use the manual handle but the fabric is rolled up at your own pace.

Once you know how retractable awnings work, they are super easy to use and for commercial properties, you should have no issues teaching your staff members the process. If you are considering a retractable awning for your own property, you’ve come to the right place. 

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