Dental Implant Surgery to Improve Your Smile

You will likely experience damage to your teeth sooner or later due to accidents, decay, or the daily grind of your life. You should replace any tooth that is damaged or lost with one of the many options. Dental implants are a better option than dentures, which were popular years ago. They provide greater support and have a natural appearance.

You can determine if dental implant surgery is right for you by consulting a qualified dentist. Below is a brief overview of the process of getting a dental implant, as well as possible issues and benefits. If you are looking for the dental implant surgery then you can visit at

The Dental Implant Process

Implants are not right for everyone. Dental implants can only be supported by healthy bones and good oral health. After an initial consultation, your dentist will examine you and take x-rays and molds. Your dentist will need to see a list of all prescription and non-prescription medication you are taking. Dental implants usually require three procedures.

Your dentist will inject local anesthesia and make a small cut into your gum. This allows you to see the bone underneath your gum during your first dental implants surgery. After drilling a hole in the bone, your dentist will place the dental implants. The bone will gradually attach to the implant over the next few months.

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