Dental Crowns: What You Should Know

Have you been having dental issues? Maybe you’re displeased with all the overall look of some of them, or you’re concerned about a tooth’s weakness.

There are numerous dental alternatives offered and one of these is a dental crown. This is a small, tooth-shaped cap that’s placed over a tooth from the gums to the tips. To get more information about the dental crown in Worcester visit

dental crown

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These crowns can be made of many unique materials. One of the first options is metal. All these are made from a metal alloy and carry many benefits. Metal needs less tooth structure to be removed and withstands the regular requirements of your mouth better than some other materials.

Another option is to have porcelain fused to metal. This provides a number of the advantages of metal when offering the opportunity to color match to your other teeth. While these wear down more quickly, they are a fantastic choice.

Some other choices include crowns made from resin, all-ceramic, or all-porcelain. Ones made from resin tend to be less costly, but also wear down more quickly than some other materials. All-ceramic and all-porcelain choices can be color-matched and are a superb option for individuals with metal allergies.

When the permanent crown comes in, your dentist will be sure that it fits properly and will apply dental cement to glue it in place. These typically last five to twenty years depending upon your execution of oral hygiene.

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