Choosing The Right Recording Studio

Finding the right recording studio, be it a home studio or a large professional studio, is often not an easy decision. There are many things to consider, such as budget, equipment, acoustics, and technical experience. This article is intended to give you clarity on what to consider when choosing a recording studio. If you are looking for a studio then you can find the top studios via

Home studio vs. professional recording studio

With great, more affordable equipment, there's an influx of home studios and people choosing to record in basements rather than professional recording studios. Here are a few things to consider when choosing one or the other:

Budget: Home studios usually have a fixed price and professional studios have an hourly rate. If budget is important to you, a flat rate with a home studio is often less expensive and you don't have to constantly focus on how much extra time it takes to record your song. 

Schedule: Schedules are always tricky. It really depends on how much work it takes to complete your album, how many other projects you have on the way, what experience the engineers have and so on. In a professional studio, planning is often more difficult when they are busy and you are not the main customer. In the home studio, you can be either the best customer or the only customer, which makes it easier to register and work on your album. 

Quality: This is controversial, but you can often get better quality at large studios. You will have the best equipment and engineers to get the job done. At the same time, a home studio can have everything you need at a much cheaper price.

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