Chiropractic Clinic in Singapore for Scoliosis Pain Treatment

Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine, can cause back pain. The medical community is struggling to find an effective treatment for this type of pain, as most doctors believe that surgery is the only way to reduce curvature.

Fortunately, Chiropractic and physical therapy are some conservative methods used for scoliosis correction.

While some people with scoliosis may experience back, neck pain, headaches, difficulty walking or standing for long periods of time, reproductive problems, and difficulty breathing. 

Symptoms depend largely on your position and degree of curvature, but also on your behavior. If your head is not centered, or one shoulder or thigh is higher than the other, you may have scoliosis.

Some are treated with restraints and surgery in their teens to reduce the curvature of the spine, while others are left untreated. Adults who experience pain from scoliosis may experience it from the muscles, the intervertebral discs, or both.

Chiropractic and physical therapy have been shown to reduce scoliosis pain. Although many doctors will prescribe physical therapy as part of a strategy for managing scoliosis pain.

Physiotherapy is effective for scoliosis pain if it focuses on relaxing chronically tense muscles and retraining posture. This treatment has proven its ability to reduce spinal curvature as well as back pain.

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