Augmented Reality Technology-Future For New Era

The future technology of Augmented Reality (AR) is still in development. Augmented reality (AR) is a view of the real world with enhanced or improved elements. It can be used in conjunction with any viewing medium. 

It adds graphic information to the real-world view. This technology uses a combination of a display device, input device, and a computing processor to superimpose computer-generated imagery in the real world. Know more about augmented reality via according to your needs.


Pilots also use this technology in their air force. This is another great example. The modern headgears worn by pilots are based on the augmented reality concept. The pilot's headgear includes vital information like instructions, enemy locations, and maps. 

It also provides details about the jet, including details about its components. This enables the pilot to make better tactical and strategic decisions, which will increase the chance of completing the crucial mission. 

The internet giant Google Inc. is currently working on consumer augmented realities headgear, Project Glass. The Project Glass prototype has received a tremendous amount of positive feedback, even though it is still in the research and development stages. 

Project Glass will run on Google's Android OS and scan the real world using a camera to give all information about the glass. Augmented reality technology is moving at a rapid pace, and people are showing great interest in it. 

Talented CG artists around the globe are showing off what photorealistic 3D content they can create in an augmented reality environment. This technology is still in development, but it will soon be the future technology of all mankind.

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