Amenities That Will Make Your Short-Term Rental Stand Out

There's a simple trick to short-term rental: exceed what your clients expect from you. In other words, you must ensure that you offer the perfect experience to every guest, each time. One of the essential elements for a memorable holiday is to make sure you have the most essential facilities.

Apart from providing all the facilities that matter most to your guests, they will be happy to receive special products too. However, Airbnb property management companies will make sure that these short-term rentals always remain in the best condition.

Serviced Apartment

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This shouldn't come as a surprise. If you'd like to be connected to your guests, make sure they are in touch with their beloved family members. You must change your password following each guest and establish an internet connection that only guests are capable of accessing.


Sometimes, your guests would like to relax on the couch. What better time than an occasion to enjoy this kind of activity without guilt? If you are planning to include a TV make sure you include an internet connection to Netflix or other popular cable channels otherwise it won't provide much value for your guests.

A fully-equipped kitchen:

Many people prefer the short-term rental option instead of the hotel room due to having a fully-equipped kitchen. So, by providing the use of a kitchen equipped with cookware as well as smaller appliances, such as coffee makers the short-term rental you choose to rent will be more appealing to a wider public.

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