Always Establish the Facts First – Advanced Bible Study Tips

Is that truth really important? For most religious organizations, including truth Christianity, it seems very important, but the fact is not. In other words, if Christians can prove something, they will talk about it forever, but if they cannot provide satisfactory scientific evidence to support statements made by the Bible or Christian organizations they have, you rarely hear it mentioned again.

Always establish facts first. This should not be taken lightly and if you are truly interested in studying Christianity and the Bible, this will need a priority for your Bible study group. You can learn bible statistics online at

If someone asks questions and other members of the Bible study group answering questions without setting up first, you do not need to persecute the individual, but make it known by the group that this is only the opinion of this person and no more.

What the Bible Says About Education

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Don't let someone in your Bible study group mislead other individuals. One of the biggest problems in the churches today is abuse or manipulation of Bible verses and it's time to let the church leaders know that you are enough and will not accept it again.

If your Bible study group talks about individual Bible verses or chapters from the Bible, it will not be a bad idea to read the individual Bible chapters or verses at least three times before learning or speculating. Often when we read something more than once, we see the things we miss the first time, and this method to learn anything can provide value for you and the whole group.

Remember, one of the most important things when studying the Bible will be a fact, and if you don't have facts, making it known by everyone in the group. This eliminates a lot of frustration and will prevent other Christians spread lies about their religion.

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