All About The Solar Loan Program

Solar energy is a popular option for many people. It is also a good investment. If you live in an area that has enough solar panels, you can reduce your electricity bill. This is how much electricity you can save each month: $0

Solar panels don't come free. Depending on the number of panels needed, a home solar system can cost around $20,000 to install. Many homeowners are still able to make a profit even though the cost is high. To get a loan for solar, you may need to borrow up to $20,000. You can also look for the best solar loan program via

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These are some facts about solar financing.

There are many types of solar loans

Lenders may offer loans to cover solar costs. There are many financing options available to pay for your solar system. Some may be better than those that are solar-specific loans. This is a brief overview of the financing options that you have to finance your solar system.

Secured Solar Loans

Many solar system retailers offer point-of-sale (POS) financing in the form of a secured loan. You will need to pledge collateral.

Solar loans from local utilities or governments

Many state and local governments offer solar loans to citizens. You can check the database of State Incentive for Renewables & Efficiency to see what loan programs and incentives are available in your area.

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