All About Mommy Makeover Surgeries In Dallas

The fastest-growing trends of cosmetic surgery are actually an amalgamation of procedures. Pet named 'Mommy Makeover', the combination includes breast augmentation and lift, tummy tuck, liposuction, and lower body lift. 

The first step is liposuction, then comes tummy tuck. The third is breast augmentation. The purpose of each of these is to transform the body back to its original shape. If you want to regain the shape of your body then you can look for the best mommy makeover in Dallas via

Mommy makeover could bring back mama's pre-baby body - ABC13 Houston

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In mommy makeover surgeries, liposuction gets rid of all the extra fat deposited on the body. It can be applied directly, whereas, in a tummy tuck procedure, the muscles are reattached in a more compact structure as well as the skin.

The Most Favorable Time to Have a Mommy Makeover

Women are advised to hold off on having mommy makeover surgeries until they have had their last child. Each pregnancy stretches the abdominal skin, and if pulled taut, and then stretched again, there is a greater likelihood of stretch marks and loss of elasticity in the skin. As a result, a second makeover might not be as successful as the previous one.

Moreover, women who are losing weight are also advised to hold off having a mommy makeover procedure until they have lost all the weight they want to or can lose. To lose further weight after a makeover would ultimately result in sagging skin.


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