All about Advanced Search Features

The advanced search function is the most important function that the website should have in order to maximize web traffic.

A user knows nothing about advanced search. He/she will just type the keyword and click enter. It’s you who should integrate these functions of product filter enhancements if advanced search coverage is important to the overall functionality and appearance of your site.

Maximizing search results by relevance

In this, you should analyze the search results page. From the user's point of view, consider whether your results will achieve the desired goal:

1. Is the number of results presented appropriately?

2. Is the main result important for the search list?

3. Any suggestions for users' misspelling words?

4. Are the results organized according to relevance?

5. Is the content listed with additional information? For example HTML pages, Doc files, Zip files, or PDF documents?

Like everyone else, you and I, the users, create search results pages using these basic elements. We also hope that the results are closely related to our interests, and if not, we hope that they can quickly refine and look further.

A strong element of the results page is the ability to cross-reference. Whether it's a product or service, or just some information, a lot of "hidden" data may not rank highly for a search term, but it can be of interest to users. Don't neglect this powerful feature to improve your search results on websites.

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