About Paracord Dog Leashes

In our search to find the best equipment for our two Shiba Inu, I have found a Paracord dog a few years ago after reading the blog from Paracord Expert Subdrain. I know very little about paracord (short for parachute poles) at that time, just knowing that this type of rope is widely used by brave men and women in the US armed forces with everything from shoelaces, to secure equipment to humvees, backpacks, or vests. You can also buy the perfect paracord for sale online.

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What made me amazed by Paracord was a high tensile strength, mild characteristics, and color choices inspired by the military. I also knew a little about weaving, so with a little inspiration from Stormdrane and our two Shiba Inu, I decided to make a paracord dog rope.

 Two years and more than a hundred cans of dogs later, I have created a standard paracord strap, traffic rope, and coupler. Paracord dog dogs are at our dogs, our neighbors we encountered our daily runs and other dog owners in our local dog park.

Kalim Paracord dogs are special handicrafts with more than twenty colors to choose from. Buckles triggers-snap offers extra security and a little style above standard dog strap buckles. There are four paracord strands that are powered with two styles of braiding – diamonds or spirals. Paracord comes in many colors that are unlimited color combinations. 

Paracord is very strong. With four paracord strands, the rope has the power of breaking up 2,200 lbs. and light and comfortable.

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