A Selection of Top Class Jamaica Tours

International travelers love Jamaica as a paradise island. While some prefer to relax on the white sandy beaches, others enjoy the bars and nightspots. 

An organized guided tour is the best way to experience authentic island excursions in Jamaica.

island tours Jamaica

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Winter Fresh Fishing

Local peers have passed on the art of catching fresh and tasty fish. Many anglers still set out from the island every day on their boats. Duke offers tourists along on his fishing trip to the Negril coast. Anyone who spends a few days in a Jamaican amenity hotel should not miss this chance.

Kingston City Explorer

This mesmerizing tour is led by adept guides who will share stimulating stories about the people, events, and places that have shaped the capital of the country. You'll be taken along to see imposing local galleries and even a music studio that has been graced by many steel bands and reggae bands in recent years. After a thrilling day of the survey, you'll be able to rest securely in your Jamaica luxury hotel.

Falmouth Highlight and Shopping Tour

The view of touring a grand 18th-century courthouse as part of the tour is sure to thrill past buffs. After you've erudite all about the magnificent old house, it's time to shop at the native mall. It's now on to the breathtaking river, the Martha Brae. You'll see some marvelous waterbirds if you stay awhile.

Off-Road Adventure

During an off-road tour, this island can be explored at any speed. It's best to keep your speed modest to properly experience the grandeur of natural environments and religious sites. You might expect jealous looks from your pals when you tell them about your ATV adventure.

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