A Guide to Self Tanning

When you self-tan properly you can end up looking like you've just spent the last two weeks sitting in the sun, when you did it wrong you can end looking like you've just been sticking your face in a pumpkin pie! It's easy to get put off by self-tanning when you have an experience but I can assure you that if you self-tan properly you can look fabulous! Just follow my simple steps here.

Choose your product – Firstly you need to decide on your product, this can be the deciding factor on whether you turn out orange or not so be careful! You need to choose whether you're going to use a lotion or a spray. Personally, I find that you get much better results with a spray, not only that but the tan lasts longer, is easier to apply, and doesn't leave you with streaks!

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Tanning Water

Before the tan – Before you self tan you want to ensure your skin is clean and smooth, so take a shower and exfoliate if you can, this will ensure you get the smoothest possible finish on your skin, it can also help your skin to absorb the fake tan better and therefore last longer.

Applying the tan – This is the bit you need to take your time on so don't rush things! If you're using a spray tan then this bit is a lot easier than with a lotion. A spray tan will apply more evenly and a lot faster and doesn't require you to massage it in.

Regardless of whether you're using a spray or a lotion you should ensure that you slowly apply the tan and ensure you don't leave any blotches or streaks. You want a consistent finish so that your tan color is the same throughout your body and not darker in some places! Again, this is where it is easier to use a spray.

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